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School Vision & Mission

Instruction, Community, Responsibility: 100% Student Success

Our Vision

The teachers, administrators and extended staff of Madison Middle School and Magnets believe in the equal worth and dignity of all students. We are committed to educating our students to their maximum potential while we prepare them to contribute to the larger community as lifelong learners, caring adults, and active, productive participants in a diverse and competitive world. Using rigorous, standards-based instruction, we prepare our students to face the challenges of the 21st century. In addition to being academically responsible, we expect our students to be responsible for their personal and social behavior as it impacts the entire learning community.

Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to improve student learning so all students achieve high academic standards. To reach this goal, Madison’s highest instructional priorities are:
  • to support reading, writing and literacy skills across all grade levels
  • to support skills in mathematics across all grade levels
  • to bring second language learners to English competency
  • to assist in the self-discovery of talents, skills and competencies in performing arts, technology, physical fitness and creative expression
  • to expose students to opportunities in the medical science fields
  • to deliver focused, relevant professional development to improve classroom practices and support the goal to help all students obtain academic success
We strive to accomplish our mission together in a welcoming, supportive climate for our students, staff and parent partners.