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Medical Math Science - About Us


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to guide students to think critically and creatively, to care about the community around them, to develop a sense that their opinion matters and that each of them can make a difference. To achieve this mission, we work and learn collaboratively and we promise to provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum, a science/medical extra-curricular focus with expert teachers who have high expectations and share a belief that all students can learn.

Vision Statement:

Madison Medical Science Magnet MS is an educational community devoted to the development of open-minded and intellectually curious scholars. Utilizing scientific methods to explore concepts across the middle school curriculum, our students expand their understanding of biological, social, and environmental health. Students in the Medical Magnet are given 21st Century learning opportunities to thrive as tomorrow’s leaders, workers and citizens.
Participation in science related field trips and career-based activities create in students an awareness of life beyond the classroom and how they, as individuals, can utilize their talents for the betterment of our community. We value acquiring and using technology to support the mission and theme of the Madison Medical, Math and Science Magnet.

By learning to take initiative in investigations, communicate with peers, and persist towards identified goals, Medical Magnet students mature into individuals of integrity and responsible, creative citizens of their world.


Diversity Statement:

As a school dedicated to educating future medical professionals, James Madison Medical Science Magnet has a strong commitment to student diversity. Health professionals must be ready to serve the breadth of humanity in all its variations: ethnicity, gender, physical or intellectual capacity. Our student body is best served by incorporative a diverse population so that our students will come to know and truly understand not only the myriad differences within the human race, but the commonalities that bind us across all borders and divides.